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Steve Harvey answers young Durban man’s prayers

Durban radio producer Sihle Mvundla reached for the stars and touched US comedy celebrity Steve Harvey.
At a workshop at the recent Essence Festival, Harvey was so moved by the young man’s determination, he offered Mvundla a job on his radio show in America.

This week the story went viral on social media and 23-year-old Mvundla from uMhlanga’s Vuma 103 FM radio station found himself in the spotlight.

“When I was growing up, I’d get home from school and the Steve Harvey Talk Show was always on. I used to wait for his comedy moments at the end of the show, which I really enjoyed, and followed him on all media platforms.

“In February this year I told one of my friends I wanted to work with Steve Harvey and that by the end of the year I was going to meet him. I remember saying: It’s going to happen’,” said Mvundla yesterday.

At that time he had no idea Harvey was scheduled to come to Durban later in the year for the inaugural Essence Festival.

“Then I saw a billboard in Ntuzuma about Steve Harvey coming to Durban, and I knew this was my chance,” said Mvundla.

He checked on Facebook and discovered the US star would be addressing a creative industries workshop, where he would be advising comedians on how to create a business in the industry.

“I got to the ICC early, but the session had limited space and I hadn’t booked ahead. I persuaded the security to let me in. When it came to question time, my hand was up but the microphone kept passing me by. I was so nervous, I was actually shivering, but I kept telling myself, this is going to happen today.

“Then the emcee said it was time to wrap things up. I stood up and said please I have to say something before the old man goes’.

“Everyone stopped and they gave me the mic and I said, “I am not a comedian, I am a radio producer and have been waiting for this opportunity all my life. Your life story has been an inspiration to me. Finally I think my dream is going to materialise today, which is to work on your radio show. I want to be your radio producer.”

Harvey replied, “Damn man, you want to produce my show?” and according to Mvundla, everyone in the crowd started laughing.

“I said this is not a joke. This is why I am here and I’m not going to let you go until I get an answer.”

At that point Harvey called Mvundla up on to the stage and reportedly told the audience, “This is what I’m talking about – breaking boundaries. Yes, young man, you are going to produce my show.”

Mvundla said by this time he was in tears.

“I went up and hugged him. I was finished. It was so emotional. His son came and took my contact details.”

An audience member caught the whole incident on camera and it has gone viral on social media.

Mvundla has since been in contact with Steve Harvey and has e-mailed through his profile and background to the comedian’s company in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mvundla prefers to work behind the scenes creating content for radio and is up at 2am every morning.

“I took journalism and media studies at Wits University and I always wanted to be a producer, not a presenter. I love being the guy who comes up with the fresh ideas,” he said.

He ascribed his positivity and determination to his mother, saying, “My mom believes in my dreams. She is my prayer warrior and the one lady who inspires me.”

Source : IOL


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