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PICS : Shocking moment man assaults woman in broad daylight

A Facebook user, Vhutshilo Nemalili has shared the horrific incident which occurred earlier today after her aunt was involved in an accident

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See the Facebook post below and images of the incident :

Here is what happened. We were on our way to work until the other white lady just turned without indicating and hit my aunt’s car. We got out of the car,she came to us and explained that she really ‘didn’t see the car and that’s just a small scratch and she did indicate but late’ my aunt insisted on calling the police because the lady didn’t wanna admit the fault. The white lady went back to her car to take it off the road and came back to us with this aggressive white guy who wasnt even there when the accident happened, but hey he had to defend the white lady because shes white and hes white.

The post has been shared hundreds of times on social media. Vhutshilo continued :

He asked my aunt what had happen,she explained and told him shes still calling the police and that’s when he got really aggressive, started using vulgar at my aunt, who’s not even his age(how disrespectful). when my aunt was on the phone with the police, the white guy started taking pictures of my aunt’s car and when my aunt went to stop him ,he got really aggressive ,my aunt pointed her finger at him and before we know it my aunt was on the pavement. I thank God my uncle arrived as early as possible after I called him ,I don’t know what could have happened to my aunt.

The author felt the incident was racially motivated :

Most white people will defend each other regardless of whether they are wrong or not, and that is racism!!

I wish I had taken more pictures or a full video of the incident. But I was just too scared for my aunt’s life to even think of taking pictures until somone adviced me to. See the oriignal post HERE

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Source : Facebook


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  • Rudebaker

    I’m white and I’m disgusted by what happened to your aunt.
    Don’t blame all of us for the actions of a few.
    I hope your aunt is ok and that the pig who hit her gets jail time.

  • mateklongse

    This is a perfect example how an incident like this can be used to follow the annoying separation of races.Stop playing the stupid race card. Can’t you see that division is exactly what the politicians want. Divided people are easier to be convinceddx by the guidance of fools.

    Aggressive people you can meet anywhere within any tribe of any possible skin color. Stop that nonsense now !!

  • Michael Wrensch

    That guy was an idiot. But the statement you made “Most white people will defend each other regardless of whether they are wrong or not” is a BS statement and also racist.!!!