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Pick n Pay humiliates Granny and grandson for breaking a chocolate

Social media has erupted after an incident that was captured by a customer at Pick n Pay stores.

A Facebook user , Ricardo Jason Snyman shared an image of a petrified lady with a wailing boy on her lap in a Pick n Pay store. According to the post, the boy broke a slab of chocolate in Pick n Pay store , Town Center.

inside picknpay

Ricardo Jason Snyman wrote : This incident happen this morning..

Shop:- PNP Town Centre
Alleged:- Grandson of this elderly lady was accused of breaking a chocolate.. NOT STEALING IT..
WAS IT NECESSARY FOR THE MANGER & SECURITY to handle the situation LIKE this

Traumatising… PLEASE deal with this matter. I await you’re response.!!

Pick n Pay then responded with : This is disappointing. Please private message us your contact number Ricardo and we will address this matter further.

However, the image has been shared thousands of times on social media with many taking to Pick n Pay Facebook page to demand answers on the incident.

One Facebook user, Jason wrote : Yet again it would seem that not all Pick n Pay’s understand and take to heart the values of the Pick n Pay brand when you see images floating all over the Internet where a traumatised grandmother and her grandson are stripped of their dignity AND humanity in a store at Town Centre Mitchells’ Plain. When will this total disregard for the consumer and human rights be addressed by this retail giant?
To quote Pick n Pay’s value system:
“Sustainable business
For over four decades we have built a truly sustainable business. The growth and success of Pick n Pay is attributable to two fundamental principles:
An unwavering belief in consumer sovereignty
The application of the “four legs of the table” principle.
These principles were put into practice at the foundation stages of the Company, and continue to be the cornerstone of the business
The four legs of the table
The “four legs of the table” principle follows a simple analogy: The business is essentially likened to a table supported by four legs, on top of which the consumer is positioned. Each leg is required to be equally strong so that the table may remain balanced and upright. The four legs comprise:
Promotion and social responsibility
Each leg is equally important to the success and continued sustainability of the business. Each requires, and continues to receive, equal focus and management support.”
Pick n Pay I urge you to take a good look at your “four legs of the table” principle, on top of which the consumer is positioned. Are your Franchisees familiar with this, and if they are, then why are so many consumers left to feel less valued?

To which Pick n Pay responded : Hi Chevonne.This incident was unacceptable, and we are very sorry for any distress caused. We are trying to identify and contact the family concerned to apologise to them. We are urgently investigating the incident with our franchisee who runs this store, to understand the circumstances and take the necessary steps to ensure it never happens again.

Source : iDurban


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  • Sarah Jane Brown

    I had the same thing happen to us last week by Scottburgh Shoprite CHeckers when we took back a toaster that was not working. We were humiliated bythe Front Controller – the SECOND time this has happened by the same woman. When I told her I would put it on FB she snarled and told us to go ahead and do it. Nasty nasty experience.

  • http://www.travelwrite.co.za Caroline Hurry

    I will not set foot inside a Pick n Pay until they stop peddling the highly toxic and carcinogenic RoundUp in their stores. Now it’s cruelty to customers? Somehow i am not surprised. Save your health and money. support farmers and local producers in your area rather!

    • Nicky Oosthuizen

      The pesticides they use in organic farming are way worse. Roundup really isn’t as bad as people believe it to be.

      • http://www.travelwrite.co.za Caroline Hurry

        Oh please! It has been proved to cause cancer and kills bees! Pesticides are terrible too but RoundUp is banned in at least 38 countries for good reason. It has No Place in a supermarket!

        • http://twitter.com/kellytruths kelly

          I second Caroline’s. We can do without Chemical and GMO pesticides!

      • Mo Doggie

        HUH? “The pesticides they use in organic farming.”
        god help.
        Then it is *not* “organic” farming if they use pesticides, is it?!

    • http://twitter.com/kellytruths kelly

      Fair comment! I dissupport GMO as well and will be cautious. :)

  • http://twitter.com/kellytruths kelly

    Unless they have an obvious sign that warns customers that they are responsible and need to pay for foods or chocolates you breaand that they have refused to pay for what’s broken, the shop has no rights to treat customers this way. Some shops here in Singapore warn that you need to pay if you break any glass or crystal and that is a fair warning.

  • Mo Doggie

    Pyschopathic behaviour increasing in SA. Violent criminal society, people live in fear but suppress it because they have to go on with the day-to-day things like going to work and so on, so it manifests in various ways.

    Then again, SA was always an aggressive violent society.