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Dog impaled on fence due to fireworks – photo sparks Facebook outcry

A photograph of a dog impaled on a fence has gone viral on Facebook after the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Barberton posted the graphic image to show the effects fireworks can have on animals.

Along with the picture it posted the following message on Sunday: “THIS is why fireworks need to be banned!!! Everyone who fired fireworks last (Saturday) night, this dog died because of you…”
It was not clear if the dog was killed or in what condition it was.

The post with the photograph was shared more than 2 800 times and sparked on outcry on Facebook, with users saying fireworks should be banned and pets needed to be taken better care of.

“Ban fireworks!!!!! Cannot believe they are still going off!!! What is the point!!!!!!!! Seriously this breaks my heart!,” one Facebook user said.

Another said: “My 2 pitbulls had a huge fight last night because of the fireworks.”

“Keep dogs inside doors shut during fireworks or thunderstorms,” a user advised.

On Thursday the Barberton SPCA had posted on Facebook saying that New Year’s Eve was approaching and it warned about the effects of fireworks on pets.

“There will no doubt be idiots who set off fireworks, please ask your vet for sedatives, and make sure your animals are secure! Please make sure your animals are also collared and tagged, so if they escape, and are picked up, we can get your pets back to you,” it said.

Source : Nrews24


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  • Chrismiq Rottweilers

    According to the comments, Barberton SPCA wrote that his dog belonged to a Police Office who had to work that evening. He was on patrol trying to keep everybody safe and lost his best friend doing so. The Boerboel was in a secure place but broke out. Fireworks need to be banned in our country. If they can have a firework show, where people who like this kind of display, done by Professionals at a secure location away from the residential areas like our Stadium in Nelspruit, it will be the best solution to this heartbreaking problem. But everyone want to play with their own toys in their own yard, no matter the outcome. I am for BANNING FIREWORKS!