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Christmas Day abuse post goes viral

“I have been beaten, cheated on and abused for the past two years by my husband. Women, love does not hurt and only God will complete you.” These were the words posted on Facebook on Christmas Day by the niece of Save South Africa leader and businessman Sipho Pityana. Yolo Pityana took to the popular social media platform to blow the lid on her abusive marriage in which she alleged she had to endure two years of cheating and physical attacks. “Today I break the silence. This is how I spent my Christmas, of 2016 in pain and hurt,” Pityana wrote in a message that has since gone viral. “I prayed, I forgave and I gave him many chances to change. However the pain never stopped.” The Pretoria resident posted pictures of scars and bruises she acquired during her attack. The shocking pictures depicted Pityana with bruises across her face, back and shoulders. She is also seen in a neck brace in one of the images on the social media site. Messages of support for Pityana have flooded in since she made the Facebook post on Sunday. Gaadingwe Sikwe wrote: “My dear, there are 3 steps within this process, Victim, survivor, and a volunteer. It’s about time you decide which 1 you end up in. I’m walking directly in your shoes ngwaneso.” Desia Queen Dee Molefe wrote “Askies dear, get well soon, get out of that boxing ring before it’s too late. Modimo a ho etse hantle.” Oluwafunmike Ifie said: “You are beautiful and you deserve better. It is)his loss that he didn’t appreciate you. A good thing you left. Stay determined, don’t go back.” Zaituni Haji wrote: “So sorry. He needs to face justice here in this earth and tomorrow in front of God. Look after your love and always trust your inner you. I wish happy future.” Makumbi Mike wrote: “This is woman abuse and only ignorant men do such acts. You put pain in someone you claim you love and after you expect the woman to treat you with respect. If you no longer love someone, just let the person go without exercising any form of violence.” Despite the violent episode, Pityana also sent a message of hope and advice on the same day to other women who might be in a similar situation. “Ladies, love like you never been hurt before, but most of all love yourself more, not to stay longer than the first time. Leave, leave, leave,” she wrote. “This has been the best example of my life on how God speaks and we decide to ignore that voice that says no. Ladies, listen to the inner voice.” Source : The Star !

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